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Men’s and Women’s Rights

Divorce can be different for men and women, but one thing remains true: both must ensure their rights are protected and that an attorney is on their side guiding and supporting them through the process. Despite varying concerns each spouse might have during the divorce, each person deserves to be treated with respect and given an opportunity to live his or her best life once the divorce is final.

What are the Most Common Considerations for Men Going through a Divorce?

Though immediate thoughts might turn to money, men also need to consider post-marriage living arrangements. They also need to consider their relationship with their children, just as much as they do financial issues in their divorce.


If you are a man in the midst of a divorce, it’s important to gain an understanding of your financial situation as soon as possible. If your wife previously handled the household finances, you’ll need to gather information and take the necessary steps to protect your assets and prevent damage to your credit. The last thing you need is to be held accountable in situations that are not your financial responsibility.

Parental Rights

As a father, you might be concerned your rights will go unheard in the court system. Negotiating parental rights is not always easy, but your rights are equal to those of your wife when it comes to parenting. It’s important you be able to show you are a committed, loving, and responsible father, and to make clear you want to be an important part of your child’s life. Provide your attorney with information about the time you want to spend with your child and talk about your concerns over what might interfere with your parental rights. Together, you and your attorney can create a plan that ensures your rights as a father are protected.

Living Arrangments

Finally, it’s important to consider your living arrangements. In most cases, it is better for one spouse to move out of the marital home. Oftentimes, it is usually the man. Creating space between you and your soon-to-be-former spouse can make divorce negotiations much easier on everyone.

Your concerns as a divorcing man are valid and it’s important to find an attorney who understands men’s issues. The laws are intended to treat men and women the same. Working with an attorney familiar with issues affecting divorcing men, especially fathers, helps you anticipate problems that might arise.

What are the Most Common Considerations for Women Going through a Divorce?

Financial Planning

Divorcing women sometimes focus on the transition for their family during a divorce, but protecting their financial rights, as well as their parental rights and their property is also important. Women should be informed and organized, and take time to educate themselves if they are not already the primary caretaker of their finances. An attorney can work with you to gather all of the information you need to create a financial plan, so you are aware of how much you could be required to pay in spousal support or know what you should request as spousal support for you.

Parental Rights

Many people expect the court system to treat men and women differently during divorce, especially regarding parental rights. However, this is not actually the case. Mothers do not receive any special exceptions nor have any more rights than a father. This is unless a situation can be proven detrimental to a child. Your parental rights deserve just as much protection as your child’s father, and vice versa.


Today’s society offers the same opportunities and guarantees the same rights for women as it does for men. While there are stay-at-home fathers staying with children while their wife is the primary earner, many couples are more traditional. Unfortunately, when divorce occurs, this can leave a woman at a disadvantage. It’s important you work with an attorney who understands women’s rights. They will guide you through the steps you need to take to live independently after a divorce. This ranges from assisting with financial discovery and providing resources to help you find employment to assisting with childcare needs.

The most important choice you can make when facing divorce is to find an attorney who makes you comfortable. They should invest the time and resources it takes to protect your rights.

If you are considering divorce in Florida, or your spouse has served you with divorce papers, the first thing you should do is contact an experienced attorney. Even if your divorce is uncontested and seems relatively uncomplicated, it is important you protect your rights.

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