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Is Florida a No-Fault Divorce State?

is florida a no-fault divorce stateDivorce can be heart-wrenching and complicated. Whether you’re the one filing or your spouse is, going through a divorce is never easy.

One way to make the process a little easier is to work with someone who understands the divorce laws in your state. One of the most common questions concerning Florida divorce laws is whether or not Florida is a no-fault divorce state.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is a No-Fault Divorce?

No-fault divorce means neither spouse has to establish guilt or wrongdoing to file for divorce. Neither party needs to prove that the other party is responsible for the failure of the marriage.

It can make for a simpler and less expensive divorce process because there’s no need to establish a basis for the divorce or to prove wrongdoing. It’s available in many states, including Florida. The state was actually one of the first to pass no-fault divorce laws in 1971.

What Does It Mean to Divorce in a No-Fault State?

The state of Florida follows no-fault divorce laws, which means that either party can file for divorce without providing proof of wrongdoing. This type of divorce can go very smoothly if both parties are in agreement on all the issues involved.

Of course, this isn’t always the case. If you and your spouse are unwilling to agree on issues including asset division, child custody, or financial support matters, divorce will still be a bumpy road. Divorces in no-fault states can still be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive. This is why it’s so important to work with an experienced divorce attorney, even in a no-fault state.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party – the mediator – helps you and your spouse resolve disputes and reach agreements outside of the courtroom.

Mediation doesn’t mean you don’t need an attorney. You do. Your divorce attorney can help you through the mediation process, negotiating on your behalf and ensuring your rights are protected.

Mediation can save you money in legal fees and make the divorce process less complicated. However, it doesn’t work for everyone. Every case is different. If you’re unsure about mediation or you’ve been ordered by the court to try mediation and you think it’s risky, your attorney will help you deal with your situation.

Speak to an Attorney about Divorce in Florida

Despite the benefits of living in a no-fault divorce state, it’s essential to remember that filing for a divorce does not necessarily mean that the process will be smooth and easy. If you’re going through a divorce in Florida, you must work with someone educated on the state’s divorce laws. Understanding the process and the laws makes things less complicated, less time-consuming, and less expensive. It helps you protect the things you value most.

If you have questions about what it means to divorce in a no-fault state or you’re ready to speak to someone about your divorce, we can help. Contact the Geller Law Firm to speak to our Florida divorce lawyers at (813) 405-1509 to schedule a consultation today.

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