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What Will a Divorce Lawyer Ask Me?

what will a divorce lawyer ask meGoing through a divorce can be a difficult and emotional process. Nobody should go through it alone. Hiring a divorce lawyer eases some of your stress and put someone in your corner.

Of course, meeting with an attorney can be an intimidating experience. If your spouse is more enthusiastic about ending your marriage than you, you might not even want to talk to a lawyer.

The good news is, family law attorneys understand how difficult these situations can be. They offer compassion and guide you through one of the most difficult experiences of your life, no matter whether you were the petitioner or respondent.

What can you expect a divorce lawyer to ask you during your initial meeting?

Personal Information

The lawyer will begin by asking for personal information such as your name, address, and occupation. They may also ask about any history related to family or relationships. This information is important to understand the background and history of the client.

Marriage and Separation

The lawyer may ask you about the details surrounding your marriage and separation. They may ask when you got married, how long you have been separated, and whether there was any abuse in the relationship.

They might also ask about the reasons for separation and whether both parties agree to the divorce. They’ll also need to know if any children are involved.

It’s crucial to answer truthfully and provide all the necessary information that can impact the outcome of the divorce.

Assets and Liabilities

Divorces involve dividing the couple’s assets and liabilities. Expect a lawyer to ask for detailed information about all your finances, including:

  • Bank accounts
  • Investments
  • Debts
  • Other financial issues

The lawyer may ask how any assets and liabilities were accumulated during the course of your marriage. Be honest while providing all the necessary documents as the decision around asset and liability division is a crucial part of your divorce settlement.

Parenting Plan

If you have children, your lawyer will draft a parenting plan outlining the details of child custody and other issues. A lawyer will need to know:

  • Where the children are currently residing
  • Where they’ll live after the divorce
  • What arrangements there are for visitation, holidays, and school events, if any

Providing details about your children’s lives and their welfare gives clarity while deciding on parenting arrangements.

Future Goals

Lastly, the lawyer may ask about your future goals. What are your expectations and objectives for the divorce proceedings? This question is to help understand the bigger picture of the client’s life, goals, and go-to long-term prospects for a brighter future.

Meeting with a divorce lawyer can be daunting. However, the more information you provide during your initial meeting, the better they can understand your situation.

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